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Most frequently asked questions to make a purchase on Aruba:

Make an offer, sign a contract and wire a 30 percent deposit( if buying pre construction)
If making a purchase other than pre construction the security deposit is normally 10 percent or as agreeed by seller/buyer.

The notary office will contact you with all the details on how to make the wire and the exact amount

If you are buying pre construction you will be provided a schedule of payments

Taxes: Yearly property taxes are 0.6% of the value of the property

Closing Costs.  When buying on Aruba , there are a few one time costs involved. 
closing cost: about 5 to 8 percent depending on the selling price.
They are calculated as follows: approximately 3 to 6 percent depending on selling price.

Notary fee and transfer deed :approximately 1 percent of selling price

What do I need to provide to compliance(notary office) before my purchase is final

*Copy of Passport
*Copy of sales contract and and security deposit slip ( save all copies)
*⅔ years of tax returns
*marriage certificate ( if buying jointly)
*copy of annulment ( if applicable)
*bank letter of reference showing good standing
*source of funds for purchase
*proof of salary
*minimum of 60,000 in bank account

The notary/ compliance office is very efficient and will make sure to inform you when all these are needed.  Start gathering the documents so you are ahead of the game.  AND SAVE COPIES of everything you send!

Banking and bill paying:
I strongly recommend starting the process ASAP of opening a bank account for bill paying and incidentals

Banks on Aruba
Aruba Bank

Central Bank of Aruba

Shopping on Aruba:

Super Foods
Super Do it Center
Price Smart ( like Costco)
Flora ( Garden center)
Multiple Asian markets that carry a wide variety goods

My shipping option:
Ulrich Kelly( Ultimate Cargo) +2976990754 (What’s ap)

There are multiple shipping options to Aruba!

Frequently asked questions about what is needed in a fully furnished condo already:

The base work is done so here are the finishing touches!

Bedding, sheets, mattress covers and pillows
Dish ware ( I recommend high quality acrylic)
Glassware, wine glasses and coffee cups
Coffee pot, blender, toaster, knife set, cutting boards, dish towels, pot/pan and grill set. ( you can pack extra suitcases of these items, buy on Aruba at Price Smart or ship to Aruba)
4 beach chairs, beach towels, cooler and a small Bluetooth. ( can be purchased at Price Smart)

If you plan to rent white bedding and bath towels are strongly recommended for cleaning purposes

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